November 20, 2011

Flag Football Firsts

When given the option to continue playing soccer or to give flag football a shot, Brevin decided it was time to try something new.  After tryouts in late summer, he was selected to be a part of the Green Bay Packers--the 3rd and 4th-grade recreational flag football team, that is.

We enjoyed cheering Brevin on through a winning season.  His team didn't lose a single game and tied only with the Chiefs, the defending league champions.  During playoffs, the Packers did just as well and made it through a single-elimination tournament to the "Super Bowl"  where they met the team that defied them of an outright victory. 

In the end, it was the Chiefs who came out on top as champions, but win or lose, I could not have been more happy with how the season went.  Brevin was giddy with excitement as he played each game and he insisted that he was having so much fun.  He was also improving in his skill and execution, and at the season's end he demonstrated confidence and was quite a good little player.

Even if Brevin's team had lost every single game, I would have still wanted him to be a part of this group that was led by the classiest coaches I have ever observed.  I was so impressed with their ability to teach the boys and their demeanor at practices and games.  They were phenomenal, and I considered them the "cherry on top"  of a really great flag football season!

 Brevin (#26) makes a play for the opponents flags.

He was a part of the starting offense and liked playing tight end.

 Coach Warner Murphy gave the boys a great pep talk at half time.

While some boys were bemoaning their loss at the Super Bowl, Brevin
kept cracking jokes about how the t-shirts they had been awarded were
 nightgown length.  I think that helped ease the disappointment of the loss.
At the very least, it had some of the parents laughing.

Oh, and doesn't Ella make a cute cheerleader?
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