November 21, 2011

Halloween Dining 2011

Holidays are all about the food, right?  Well, at least that's how I roll.  Halloween is no exception.  This year we tried a couple of new, simple things that were worthy of a photograph or two.  Of course, candelabras and headstones provided just the right ambiance for our festive meals.

Breakfast was initially going to be cold cereal, but I decided to drag myself out of bed to at least throw some pancakes on the griddle.  A little touch of food coloring and you would have thought I had planned a cool breakfast all along.  At least my kids thought that was the case.  Boy, I had them fooled!

I found a dinner alternative to rotate with the traditional dinner in a pumpkin until my boys develop a more fond taste for cooked, gourd-like squash.  It's called a Yummy Mummy and I thought Spencer might appreciate it this year.  I found the idea and recipe on this blog.  The name is an accurate description.  It was yummy...and simple.  Just what I needed for a busy day like Halloween.

Boo appétit!

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