November 21, 2011


Each year, The boys' elementary school has grade-level performances in conjunction with the holidays. The First graders have the opportunity to learn songs and poems about Thanksgiving.  The night of the performance was also the same night as Spencer's last basketball game, so we were in a rush to get him from one event to the next, hoping we could get a decent seat for the school program.  Following the performance, Spencer chose to eat at Two Jack's Pizza in celebration of both his basketball season and his Thanksgiving program.

We were lucky that Grandma and Grandpa Park were also able to attend.  I completely forgot to inform them of the event until the last possible moment.  We sat together with them and watched as the first graders did their presentation.  Spencer does a great turkey wiggle.  You should ask him to do it for you sometime.  Of course, it is also wonderful to watch him sing.  He does that really well, too.

The next series of pictures make me laugh.  How is that some children look as though they are about to fall asleep while others appear to have consumed an entire can of Red Bull before the performance?  And there is Spencer smack-dab in the middle of the mayhem making faces.

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