November 21, 2011

Teach Me How to Spencer

The Springville recreation department decided this year to organize a Jr. Jazz league to introduce first and second graders to the game of basketball.  In the past, participation was offered only beginning in third grade, but it became apparent that the youth really struggled with dribbling the ball.  The most common calls made against players were for traveling and double dribbling. The organizers hoped to remedy this through establishing an early instructional league.

Spencer was totally on board.  He claims basketball as his sport of choice.  Jason was also on board as an assistant coach.  All the children on Spencer's team were from his own elementary school.

For a little over a month, teams met for an hour on two nights during the week.  The first thirty minutes were exclusively for skills practice and drills (each team using their own half of the court), and the final half hour the teams played each other in a game with the coaches acting as referees.  It was great exposure for the participants, and yes!  There was an obscene amount of  mishandling of the ball.

Even with all of the sloppy play, Spencer emerged as a stellar player, and I'm not just saying that as an overly proud mother.  The kid is legitimately good, and I have the video and photos to prove it!

Never mind that he's stepping out of bounds (the refs didn't call it either). 
I just think this is a great shot that illustrates Spencer's natural ball-handling
 skills. I also love looking at what the other kids are doing in the picture.

This shows Spencer's shooting form. No surprise here. This one went in.

During his last game, Spencer had to take a needed water break.  The kid was
totally "on fire"  that game, and he had scored five baskets before anyone else
put the ball through the hoop.  What a way to end the season!

"Put me in, coach!"

He shoots...                                    ...He scores!

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