September 12, 2009

A Wicked Good Time

Each September, Jason's work graciously rents Lagoon for the company summer party and we are able to enjoy an evening at the amusement park courtesy of Nuskin. Last year, we ran into a little bit of a problem with Spencer (you can read all about it here). I was a bit anxious to see if he would be tall enough for the "big" rides this time. As it turned out, he measured exactly 46 inches tall, the height requirement for nearly all rides in the park. Hallelujah!

The first ride we went on was Wild Mouse, then the Spider, and even Wicked. Wicked! Can you believe my little boys went on Wicked--and not just once, but three times! In fact, if you ask them, it is their favorite ride. Now, it is the Terroride (that hokey, miserable excuse for a haunted house) that drives pure, unadulterated fear into the hearts of my children (well, actually just Brevin). Go figure!

While many things manage to make me feel pleased as a parent, I cannot deny the rush of pride I felt as I witnessed the stares of people who were obviously impressed to be standing in lines for such rides with two very young boys. Even the videographer who was there to document the events for the company asked to be seated next to Brevin and Spencer so he could position his camera on them during the entire time while riding the high-speed roller coaster. It was awesome!

Garrett spent much of the night waiting while his older brothers were seeking the ultimate thrills that Lagoon has to offer. He did come along on the log ride, and we discovered how much he enjoyed the little cars. He also managed to stay awake the entire time we were at the park, which is saying something, since we did not leave until nearly 10:00 p.m.

Yeah, we had a great time!

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Karen said...

Wow! I am certainly impressed that your boys went on Wicked. When we took our tribe there, Andrew wouldn't even come within spitting distance of the front sign on Wicked.. We mostly kept to the kiddie rides with our little guys. Glad you had fun though! What adventurous boys you have!

Liz Adams said...

Oh Galoon! I love that place!

Heather said...

Wow! I can't believe they rode on Wicked! It truly is! Gives me a headache!

Pickle said...

What a fun day! Emma wants to go to Lagoon so bad. Glen signed up for the free day at Disneyland for her birthday and was planing of taking her but she has begged to not go and do Lagoon instead. I shared your post with her and she is even more excited!

The Helean's said...

Lagoon!! Woo Hoo!! Jace and I LOVE wicked too!! Your boys are quite the thrill seekers! And they probably always will be! :)