September 4, 2009

Musings of a "Soccer Mom"

In his final year of U-8 soccer, Brevin has shown that he is a dedicated player, and his form has really improved. He is more focused than he has ever been in past games, and he is willing to play any position the coach deems necessary, even if that means being put in as the goal keeper (a position he is not entirely comfortable with, yet). The photographs above were taken from his first game; it was a heated battle between Brevin and a neighbor friend (and former teammate) from across the street. Just look how intense their faces are. In the end, Brevin's team (the Charging Buffaloes) won 3-2 during the last seconds with a whistle-beating goal.

Although Spencer is new to the game of soccer, he is a natural talent. He can really control the ball as he dribbles across the field at a rapid pace. He may have picked up a thing or two from watching Brevin's games. Spencer has patiently waited through two soccer seasons for his chance to play, and now that he's in, I feel he will likely pursue this sport. His team is the Dragons, and they have a seasoned coach who has turned these little cub soccer players into quite the athletes.
I have enjoyed watching them both play. I hope I don't frustrate them too much with my constant coaching from the sidelines. I can be a bit competitive and bossy...Yeah, I might have to admit that I am officially a soccer mom.

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Heather said...

Yeah, it looks like your boys got the athletic gene. Doesn't hurt that Jason is super athletic. We've decided Harrison, while having time to improve, should just learn to ski and do art!