September 30, 2009

Grand Entrance

The weather has been such lately, that you wouldn't know it was fall unless you glimpsed the fiery hues that have set the mountains ablaze in brilliant color. The warm temperatures have hinted summer, but the leaves convince otherwise, and, as if to make a statement, they are more bright and bold this season than they have been in several years.

Tradition dictates that we take a drive up Provo Canyon each year to see the leaves and take a few photographs (that never do justice to the colors or the landscapes). Our favorite spot is a pull-off just above the Sundance resort. It was nearly dark and I neglected to bring the tripod, so we were limited in what pictures we could take. Nevertheless, I think we got a few good shots.

Fall is so refreshing. I'm glad it has finally arrived!

This post authored by Amber


Heather said...

It looks like we go to the same spot! I absolutely love the Sundance/Aspen Grove area! Cute pics!

Joy said...

So beautiful! Good thing you got the photos in before a gloomy day like today. I love the photos-- your boys are so cute and have their own distinct personalities. I especially love the one of Garrett in the 3 boys photo-- mischievous little guy! ;)

Julie said...

You are such a beautiful family! I love good family traditions.

The Helean's said...

What handsome boys you have!! Jace and I need to go for a drive up the canyon! We're missing out! :)

Pickle said...

Beautiful (the leaves and your family!)