October 6, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I figured I'd be consigned to stay at home with the kids for every BYU football game this season, only to catch a few plays here and there in the highlight reels. I'm glad I was wrong. My friend, Karen, called me and invited me to use the season ticket that her husband had to forfeit due to his work schedule, and I got to go Friday night's game. As it turned out, the Cougars were hosting the Aggies of Utah State, my Alma Matter.

I must have been a sight with my BYU beanie and USU sweatshirt on, but a girl has to represent, you know. The nice thing about having a vested interest in the welfare of both teams is that as I watched the game, I was much more relaxed. I didn't have to get all worked up because Max Hall's ridiculously arched pass was completely readable by the defender who picked it off, or stress out when USU's punter planted two kicks beautifully within the 5 yard-line. It wasn't too heart-breaking when Diondre Borel's attempted pitch went awry, and I didn't pout about USU's inability to convert in short-yardage situations. And while, deep down, I hoped for an Aggie win (I'm a sucker for the "underdog"), I was okay with the Cougars coming out on top. (That was kind of expected, anyway.) I just had such an enjoyable evening in an atmosphere that felt like Fall to the very core and in the company of a dear friend.

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Karen said...

Oh Amber, you're sweet. I was glad you could come with me. I'm just glad everyone had a good time and that no fights broke out between Aggies and Cougs.

Joy said...

You are so HARDCORE!!!!!