October 17, 2009

National School Lunch Week

This past week was "National School Lunch Week" and parents were encouraged to come to the school to eat lunch with their children at any time during the week. I looked at the meal calendar and decided that Monday would be my day to go for the chicken sandwich. (Jason chose to go on pizza day.)

I left Garrett in the care of Grandpa Park, and Spencer and I headed over to Art City Elementary to eat lunch with Brevin. Either my palette for foods have become more accepting since I've become an adult, or lunches have really improved over time. The meal was great. The portion sizes were huge, though. I marveled that any student could sufficiently eat to clear a space on their tray before they felt lured by the desire to dump it and go play outside.

We headed out to the playground following the meal. There were calories to be burned, you know. Talk about a field full of energy. The place was abuzz with little bodies running, jumping, skipping, and wrestling, all working up to that little puppy-dog scent that lingers throughout the entire day. It was so entertaining to watch; it felt so carefree. Ooh boy, did Spencer love every minute of it! So did I.

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Joy said...

I think I know EXACTLY what puppy-dog smell you are talking about. But MY kids will never smell like that when they're in school, mind you... LOL! How fun that you got to be a "kid" for the day. I loved elementary school, and I was recently reminiscing about those fun days!

The Fears said...

I wanted to go that week, but I have too many little ones at home, but thanks for sharing your experience so maybe I can go next year knowing it was that much fun and the food is actually good.