October 28, 2009

Deer Hunt 2009

This year's deer hunt was over for me at 7:45am on opening morning. I bagged a nice 4x3 when he popped up on top of the ridge right in front of me. He saw me and ran, and I downed him with just one shot from about 50 yards away. My niece, Rachael, got hers just up the ridge from where I was, and just a couple of minutes before me.

It was a lot of work for everyone getting the deer back down the mountain, until Dad showed up with his 4 wheeler. After that, the remainder of the hunt was spent hiking and enjoying the scenery outdoors and taking plenty of pictures.

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Pickle said...

Finally, I'm catching up. First of all, could you come make me breakfast in bed, yum! you look way cute at the football game, and I was totally confused the it was Jason typing the last post because I was shocked to think of you hunting, not that I don't think you couldn't handle it! :)