October 16, 2009

Pick of the Patches

One thing we have loved to do is grow pumpkins in our backyard. In years past, the variety of choice has been the "big mac" pumpkins. They are robust and lend themselves nicely to the ornate carvings that Jason does. Unfortunately, the nursery wasn't carrying them when we were purchasing plants in May, so we had to resign to the smaller type of carving pumpkins. While this year's pumpkins were smaller, their yield was greater, and we wound up with ten total. We spent Saturday morning picking them, washing them, and transporting them to the front porch for display.

On Monday, when it came time for our extended family's traditional trip to the local pumpkin patch, we really weren't in need of purchasing any additional pumpkins. I think the Brevin and Spencer were just as content to spending the entire time jumping from the bales of hay and navigating the maze, while Garrett delighted in exploring the pumpkin field, gathering handfuls of dirt and rocks to throw along the way. These traditions have become such an integral part of our experience of the Fall season. It's no wonder I love this time of year.

Brevin age 7:

Spencer age 5:

Garrett age 17 months:

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Gabe, Amber, Eleanor, and Sebastien Spencer said...

Hey Amber. We were so excited to stumble on your blog. You look so great and your kids are darling.

Mandy said...

Love a good family tradition!

Liz Adams said...

Cute! I love pumpkin. I'm going to have a pumpkin party this year where my friends will all have to bring their fave pumpkin food!

The Helean's said...

I definitely need to get Jace over there to carve with Jase :) He'll love it I'm sure after that!

Julie said...

Way to go with the pumpkins! We attempted to grow our own pumpkins, but I vine shriveled in the heat, I guess :-). Yours look great!