September 4, 2009


Perhaps you noticed the new photographs on our header and sidebar (and if you didn't, there's no way you'll miss them now).

Jason's parents arranged to have a family photo session to accommodate the growth and change in group dynamics. Now, attempting to get that large of a group coordinated and looking at the camera is no small feat. Throw in gusty winds, and the task becomes nigh unto impossible! But thanks to the magic of Photoshop, Brevin's eyes were opened and my hair was tamed. Even Garrett looks as though he is being quite pleasant (which I assure you, he was not).

Okay, so I am satisfied with the new pictures...that is until they start looking old with the passing of a few months. Then we will have another reason to do this all over again.

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Julie said...

I love, Love, LOVE your new pics! They turned out so well!! I always dislike taking family pictures but really love having them on my wall :-).