September 29, 2008

A "Big" Problem

The basic premise of one of my favorite childhood movies is based upon the timeless and familiar human struggle: It really stinks to be too short to go on a certain, desired amusement park ride!

Spencer knows this feeling of disappointment all too well! We recently went to Lagoon for Jason's work party, and here is a photographic "taste" of how everything played out for the evening.

This is Spencer, not long after he learned that he was not quite tall enough to go on the Wild Mouse. As pathetic as it was, it really got tiring to witness over and over again (Spider, Wicked, Colossus, the Bumper Cars, etc.). It didn't help that his thrill-seeking brother, Brevin, was beaming every time he exited said rides. He wanted to hop right back on them and leave Mom or Dad to wait back and deal with the emotional fallout of Spencer's height deficit.

"Let's see. How can we remedy this problem? Look! Garrett can't ride anything, and he's still happy."
"Here, why don't you wait in line for thirty minutes to ride this little tug-boat dinghy that goes around in circles? You can ring the bell. Woo-hoo!"

"Not good enough, you say? Well we could ride the train and look at all the empty cages of animals that have gone to bed already. At the very least you could rest your tired and achy legs."

"You are big enough to ride the newest ride in the park, the OdySea, and that's pretty exciting. Not to mention, you could get the ride's catchy tune stuck in your head for the remainder of the evening."

Thank goodness for the Bat! It had just the right blend of speed and action that would amuse Spencer, and he rode that thing over and over. Good thing there were no lines to wait in. "See! It wasn't such a bad evening after all!"

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Tahiti Chick said...

It's okay. The big kid rides are overrated anyway Spenc.

Heather said...

Love this post! I can just picture the unfoldings of the day. Harrison would've done the same thing if he was brave enough to WANT to go on the big rides. He was perfectly happy hanging out in Kiddie Land!

Amy said...

Isn't it fun dealing with height restrictions? We walked around most of the night not knowing my nephew could ride the kiddie rides..we thought he had to be that height..missed the fine print that said or accompanied by an adult. Oopsie.