September 14, 2008

Four Months Already?

It's always amazing to me how much a baby can develop in only a short period of time. Garrett has become so social, and it doesn't take much coaxing to get a smile out of him. The boys prefer the method of shouting to him, "Oh, it's windy!" to get him excited. This stems from watching Garrett's reaction to Dad saying the same thing when we were outside on a blustery day. Garrett cracks up every time...that is unless I'm saying it to him. I guess I'm not as entertaining.

While Jason believes he has cut his nighttime wakings down to one, I assure him that Garrett likes to throw in a second feeding from time to time. I think he goes through little growth spurts that necessitate the additional feedings. But I am thrilled to say that his sleep (night and day) has become very organized, and thus quite predictable. He is also such an easy-going, mellow baby, so no complaints here.

What big eyes you have, my dear!

This post authored by Amber


Julie said...

Amber, he is such a cutie! Looks just like your other boys. I'm glad he's been a good baby for you. I think that's the rule with third babies, isn't it? Don't they HAVE to be good?!

Mandy said...

Yeah, they have to be good, until they turn two . . . then all bets are off (at least with my third!)
Anyway, those eyes are to die for! So sweet.

Tahiti Chick said...

Aw so cute. :)

Liz Adams said...

I love the new blog look!!!! He is getting so big and oh so cute!!!