September 14, 2008

Something About Spencer

Several Sundays ago, I went to pick Spencer up from his Sunbeam class. His teachers were giggling and said, "You have to hear what Spencer said today! We were talking about how we can feel Heavenly Father's love for us. Spencer responded enthusiastically, 'Heavenly Father loves me so much that He gave me the restaurant of McDonald's!'"

What can I say? The kid loves Happy Meals!

While Brevin has been going to school, I have been holding preschool at my home for Spencer and Audrey (from our ward) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The pictures in this post are from Spencer's first day. During our "I am Special" unit, I was interviewing the children about some of their favorite things. When I asked Spencer what his favorite place was, I anticipated a comment similar to the one about McDonald's. Instead he said, "Sam's Club-where you get the hot dogs."

Hmm...perhaps we need to cut back on the fast foods!

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Megan Conrad said...

Going to have to say that the boys on this side of the street would definitely agree with the whole McDonald's/hot dogs thing.... Need I really say more?