September 1, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten

Brevin started kindergarten on August 27th. Being that he is the first child of ours to attend public school, we decided to make the occasion a family affair. We all escorted him through the halls of Art City Elementary (home of the Eagles) to his room where a darling Mrs. Sabey awaited his arrival and, with great enthusiasm, welcomed him by name. We had to call Brevin back to give us hugs, snap some photos, and say our goodbyes. There was literally no turning back for him--as we left, I took this picture of him focused and ready to embark on his lifelong learning adventure! And no...I did not cry (as you might have expected). Instead, I felt a rush of excitement that was reminiscent of the feelings of my own childhood anticipation for each first day of school. The joy in having children comes from experiencing and revisiting those same if for the first time. Well Brevin, to quote Dead Poet's Society: "Carpe Diem! Seize the day, [boy]! Make your [life] extraordinary!"

This post authored by Amber


Tahiti Chick said...

Wow. My nephew just started Kindergarten also. It seems so crazy to see these kids grow up so fast.

Amy said...

How fun! I love the picture of the two brothers hugging. I'm sure it helped you knowing he was ready to go learn!