September 29, 2008

September Sealings

"...for the temple is a holy place where we are sealed together. As a child of God I've learned this truth. A Family is forever." -I Love to See the Temple

Jason and I had the privilege to witness three very special occasions from within the temple this past month. His youngest sister, Noell, was endowed prior to her sealing to Jason Helean. A few weeks later, Jason's brother and his wife, Greg and Chantilly, were able to have their son, Coulter, sealed to them. While the ceremonies were brief, their impact is of eternal effect. How fortunate we are to have been blessed with relationships that extend beyond the boundaries of time and mortality! I have always found great peace and comfort in that fact.

And is what it looks like to have pictures taken with a functioning camera (one, of which, is professional):

Jason and Noell Photographs by Pete Stott

Coulter, Greg, Collin, Tilly and Rachael

Cousins Garrett and Coulter

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Heather said...

I love all your latest posts! So great! The pictures of your boys make me laugh!

Julie said...

I love how you've redesigned your main page. Cute! Now that you've been 'tagged,' you get to post answers to the tag question, then tag more people. Can't wait to hear your answers!