April 1, 2009

Just Fooling Around

We've never really done much for April Fool's Day (aside from the occasional, "Mom! There's a spider in your hair...April Fool's!" comedic routines from my children). After I checked out this great book from our local library, I decided it was time to add some flair to the foolishness! We had "TV dinners" for dinner, and "TV dinners" for dessert. That's as creative as I get on this one, folks!

In case you're wondering (and you're probably not), the breaded chicken drumsticks are made with crushed vanilla wafers and graham crackers and a bone formed out of white chocolate, the mashed potatoes are garnished with a lemon Tootsie roll and caramel sauce, the peas and carrots are orange and lime Tootsie rolls, and the chocolate frosting with sprinkles is supposed to represent the pudding you'd get in your TV dinners that always warmed to a scorching and inedible temperature.

We may have started a new holiday tradition and that's just what I need--another reason to celebrate by consuming cupcakes!

This post authored by Amber


CJ said...

I am so proud of you! You actually did some of those cute cupcakes! They look awesome! I hope to someday be put together enough to try those!
PS - Audrey misses Spencer, she asks for him to come over about every day. I miss you guys too!
Let's have a girls night out SOON!

Liz Adams said...

that is freaking awesome!

Heather said...

Yeah I thought about doing something for April Fool's...didn't happen. Yours looks super fun and cute!

Pickle said...

very creative!