April 27, 2009

Almost One!

With a Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet, a PTA fundraiser, and the St. George triathlon on the brain, it's hard to even think about planning a first birthday party for Garrett, but that's exactly what we'll be doing in a month!

So here's the rundown for his eleven-month post:
  • Garrett is on the move and crawls at a pretty speedy pace. No sitting still for pictures anymore! It was quite the ordeal to photograph him for this post. Even with the whole family involved, we only managed to get a few decent shots.
  • His new found independence has brought out the explorer in him. I have found garbage cans overturned, toys strewn around the house (not that that is anything new!), and his personal favorite is to pull the carbon monoxide detector from the outlet.
  • As he crawls, he carries things around in his mouth like a little puppy.
  • He especially likes to crawl around the area underneath his highchair and forage for food (Cheerios, partial vanilla wafers, goldfish crackers, etc.).
  • He has a healthy appetite, but apparently an overactive metabolism. People often comment on how small he is, but he also still garners many a mention for his huge, beautiful eyes.
  • Small, though he may be, he has the biggest heart. He still enjoys cuddling and laying his head against your shoulder.
  • He has discovered that the best view at church is found standing and facing backward in the bench. He also has great eyesight, because he can pick out a familiar face from completely across the chapel and offer a friendly smile.
  • Most importantly, every so often he offers me a glimmer of hope by sleeping a solid eight or so hours during the night. Hallelujah!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again....Yep! He's a keeper!

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Julie said...

His eyes are gorgeous!!