April 27, 2009


The boys awoke Sunday morning to find baskets full of candy (as if they needed more! They'd already accumulated quite a stash from Jason's company egg hunt and another egg hunt by a friend), a box of sidewalk chalk, and a Webkinz each. Garrett received bottles of 3rd stage baby foods which he has yet to acquire a taste for. As for Jason and I, we relaxed and enjoyed our morning of getting ready for 1:00 p.m. church without the interruption of any scheduled meetings. We also managed to squeeze in Garrett's 11-month "photo shoot."

We took a much needed break from the commercialism of the holiday by attending our church services. I was in need of scheduling an additional musical number for the Sacrament meeting, so I planned to sing a duet with a sister in our ward. It turned into a solo when her family vacation plans changed, taking her out of town. Still, the meeting was very nice. Elder Holland's recent General Conference address was mentioned in a talk. It is such a pertinent message for the season, and can be read here!

The day turned from drizzly and cool to springlike by the afternoon. It was perfect for yet another search for candy-filled eggs, and so we were off to Grandma and Grandpa Park's for an Easter meal and festivities.

Garrett was assigned the orange-colored eggs this year. They matched nicely with Elmo's nose on his basket. He actually picked his eggs out of the grass (after we identified them for him) and put them into his basket, but only after a good shake to hear the rattling sound of a dozen pastel M&M's in a container of plastic.

You'd think that with a number of egg hunts under his belt, Spencer would have fared better. His uncle Jase was given the task of hiding his sports-themed eggs and, well, he did a really good job! I would stand in awkward places, poised to take a picture of Spencer finding an egg, and he'd walk around the area for some time before he would notice where it was.

Brevin was too quick to find his Spiderman eggs. I only managed to capture two pictures of him, and he wouldn't dare to stop and reenact a picture, no matter how desperately I implored of him!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I did eat my yearly quota of Peeps...one! Now I don't have to do that again for another year!

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Joy said...

Oh my goodness, such endless entertainment! I love the photos. I think they capture your boys' personalities well. Pace's fam was visiting when you sang that solo on Easter, and it was beautiful; I'd never heard that song before. Pace's dad thought you were a YW until you started singing and sounded at least a little more mature than a teen. :) OK that might have sounded weird but it was meant as a compliment; that you look so cute and young! I loved hearing you sing. I enjoy singing as well, and used to sing solos/duets etc. in church and stuff but I have gotten out of practice since the kids came along. Nice excuse huh... So I will make it to choir sometime soon, hopefully! Anytime someone bails out of a duet with you again, though, give me a call and we can see whether our voices blend!