April 27, 2009

Sprinter Break

Brevin showing off his "perfect snowball"

School let out for Spring Break, and go figure! It snows! All week long we'd been watching the extended forecasts to try and plan our activities around Mother Nature's fickle behavior. I think we did pretty well.

On Wednesday, we played in the snow. I think Brevin really intended for the above mentioned "perfect snowball" to be thrown at our teenage neighbor, Phillip, as he unsuspectingly answered the door. I thwarted Brevin's plans when I caught him waiting at the doorstep, snowball in hand (hidden behind the back)!

On Thursday, while the snow continued to fall, Jason took off work to join us at the Lehi pool. I highly recommend this as a family activity. It is one of the best facilities around, and the prices are reasonable too!

Brevin and Spencer are becoming more comfortable in the water and they both even went down the tube water slide (Brevin more than once).

Even Garrett spent the entire two-and-a-half hours in the pool! He loved it.

Friday's weather was looking a bit better and facilitated a trip to Hogle Zoo. I think because of the cooler temperatures, the animals were more active. I don't think I've ever been to the zoo and seen all of the animals out in the open like they were that day! This is only one of many pictures taken. Some of the others can be seen here.

Saturday turned out to be the best day (meteorologically speaking), and so we decided to take the boys on an eight-mile bike trek up Hobble Creek Canyon (it also doubled as my bike training for the day). We went all the way to Kelly's Grove where we stopped for a snack and gave ourselves a chance to stretch our legs a bit. Brevin and Spencer had a great time on the bridge throwing buoyant objects into the water on one side, then racing to see them pass by on the other side. Thanks to all off the recent moisture, the river was high and swift...all the more exciting! There are more pictures from that activity here.

All things considered, it was a fabulous Spring Break!

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Julie said...

Fun! You guys do such fun things! Our Spring Break was mostly spent waiting to see if Scott could pull away from work so we could head out of town :-). He finally got off on Friday afternoon!

Mandy said...

Weather like that does not make me miss Utah (as much . . .)

Joy said...

You guys are so fun. Such great parents! And I really want to try out that Lehi pool now!