April 28, 2009


I'm sorry to say that only die-hard fans of the NBC sitcom The Office may fully appreciate the humor of the surprise I planned for Jason's birthday this year. Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself!

Let's back up to Saturday, April 18th, the day before Jason's birthday. His parent's were kind enough to take our whole family to lunch at the Brick Oven to celebrate. We were sufficiently full by the time they brought out the complimentary chocolate mousse pie. I don't think Jason minded that everyone took part in eating it.

Sunday was the actual birthday, so we kicked off the morning with Jason's requested breakfast of French toast. He then opened his gifts, and I think Brevin was most excited that he got the game Whoonu, and I was probably most excited that he got Photoshop Elements. I think Spencer was just glad to have more candy options for when he climbs on the stove to raid the candy cupboard, and Garrett was satisfied to play with the tissue paper and empty gift bags!

I had prepared a crock pot roast so we could eat as soon as we got home from church, and since it was a special occasion, we broke out the china and Martinellis. After dinner, we headed to Jason's parents home for some delightful desserts and a game or two.

Now, for The Office inspired celebration explanation:

We purposely waited to do cake on Monday, after Jason's birthday, because that's how Jim and Dwight did Kelly Kapor's birthday party on the show. They also decorated with partially inflated black, brown, and silver balloons, white crepe paper streamers, masking tape, and a sign declaring the statement of fact, "IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY." (What more can you expect from a couple of men planning an office party?) I added the detail of a white frosted cake with pink words misspelling his name, just like in the show. The only element that wasn't quite exact was the Chicklet gum....it was orange in the show, but all I could find was white. Oops!

The boys and I were tipped-off by one of Jason's coworkers (thanks Amy!) when he went to lunch so we could come into his office and decorate his cubicle as a surprise. It was really fun, and I think quite unexpected. Oh, and in case you are like Jason and doubt my attention to details: Season 5 Episode 15 Lecture Circuit (Part II). Kelly's party is almost at the very end of the episode.

Happy Birthday, babe!

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Joy said...

What fun festivities. I think Jason probably feels very loved!

That white cake is so ugly, I hate it!... (tears streaming down) The Chiclet gum makes it so pretty, though! I love it. haha oh, Kelly.

I love The Office, too. Great work on the birthday & post-birthday celebration!

Mandy said...

The office party was brilliant! I know exactly which episode you were copying. Hilarious!

Heather said...

Love it! You are so awesome at birthdays! Well any party really!

CJ said...

I think i am going to have to do that for Darren on his birthday. He laughs so hard at that show, rewinding and playing favorite parts over and over! You are so creative!

Pickle said...

This is so awesome, I was dying, you are so creative. We loved that episode. We are total fans, we watch every week. Haven't read your blog for awhile. It was fun to catch up.

Amy said...

Wow..so many parties! I'm glad I was able to help with the decorating! I want to know if the office game is any fun?