March 22, 2009

Arches Bike Trip

My calling as the Assistant Scout Master allows me to re-live the glory days of my years as a scout. In March we took 12 scouts to Moab for a mountain bike/Arches expedition. The first morning we biked 8 miles round trip over slick rock and sand into Arches National Park to Balanced Rock. We only experienced a couple of minor wipeouts, with no serious injuries. Later that day we set off on a 4 mile off road ride over slick rock while dodging cactus and cryptobiotics. After that ride a majority of the boys declared they would not ride their bikes the rest of the trip. That led to a decision to put the bikes away and hike to Delicate Arch and Sand Dune Arch the next day. I thought it was a great decision when I woke up the next morning with a very sore "seat".

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Heather said...

we really need to take our kids there. The last time we went, I was pregnant with Harrison, so hiking wasn't the most enjoyable thing...but I love that place, it is so beautiful!