November 24, 2012

Nothing Says "Thanksgiving" Quite Like Family, Pies, And Dodge Ball

The above photo only shows a fraction of the pies we had to choose from at our Thanksgiving dinner.  That can only mean one thing--Thanksgiving with the Funks.

The designated time to gather at Lance and Sharley's for dinner was 4:00 p.m.  That gave us the morning to prepare and pack and clean the house before we left for St. George.  While we didn't leave as early as Jason was hoping, we were making good time and on track to arrive with time to check into our hotel before our dinner, but just outside of Cedar City, our back left tire blew out and we found ourselves on the side of the freeway, putting on the spare (which was a little deflated itself).  We managed the fifteen miles to the nearest Wal-Mart going 45mph on the freeway, all the while feeling grateful that things had not been much worse.

One hour and four new tires later, we were back on track to our destination.  We arrived just as the prayer had been said and everyone was going through the line, filling their plates with delicious food.  We gave hugs, we ate, we visited, we played, and the younger children did some film-making under the direction of their cousin, Jessica.  Here's what the final product of their acting produced:

When the children weren't busy "playing dead,"they were being entertained on the trampoline by my brother, Lance. (My nickname for Lance is "The Pied Piper of Children."  You can see why they like him so much.)

We all went to bed Thursday night with full tummy's and happy hearts, eager for the next day's activities, which we knew included dodge ball games--YAY!

Friday morning found us in a church gym, getting pre-game instructions from my brother, Clark.  Once the children understood the rules, they were divided into teams and allowed to play several three-minute games.   

The children's games were rotated between sets of games played by the older group of teenagers against the  adults.  I am pleased to report that all of us "old folks" handily beat the teens in nearly every game.  I didn't get any good pictures of the those games because I was busy playing, but Jessica did put together this cinematic masterpiece:

We went back to the hotel after the dodge ball games so Ella could take a nap and the boys could play in the pool and hot tub.

 We took advantage of the great weather and went to the park, as well.

The evening was finished off with dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, Sakura, where Brevin got his first taste of sushi. 

After the meal, we went back to Lance and Sharley's to play Just Dance 4 and look at photos from a recent trip to Hawaii that Lance and Cheryl took.  We gave our good-bye hugs and returned to the hotel.  We headed home to Springville first thing Saturday morning after having enjoyed a most wonderful Thanksgiving vacation. 

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