December 1, 2012

The Game of Kings

Art City Elementary has a thriving chess club of which Brevin and Spencer are a part.  They attend every Thursday morning before school.  This is the second year the boys have been involved, and I have loved that it has become one of their hobbies.  They recently participated in a tournament that was held at the school for several hours on a Saturday.

As they waited between rounds, they played card games, watched movies, and ate snacks.  Jason and I had a chance to be there and watch as they played a few of their matches.  We were also there when the final results came in.  Spencer managed to take fifth place in his grade.  Brevin was in a much larger group and he finished just shy of the trophy standings.  I think he was a little disappointed, but I was proud of his improved overall score from his last tournament.  I think he was cheered up when Art City Elementary won first place as a school.  Besides, spending a day playing chess and hanging out with friends is much more fun than Saturday chores.

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