December 3, 2012

"There's a Tree in the Grand Hotel. One at the Parks' as Well."

In years past, I have stressed and fretted about the placement of the ornaments on our Christmas tree.  I have redone what my children have done all in the name of balance and order, only to have all my efforts of the initial decorating night thwarted throughout the month by having to re-hang nearly every ornament two feet and lower over and over again.

This year I determined to be different.  I would simply let the children hang the ornaments where they may, not worrying about having too many of the same color in one location or nagging them to move ones that were too close together.  The end result was a more enjoyable night of decorating and a more "organic" decorative look to the tree.  It makes me smile, now, every time I look at the long strand of red ornaments that were practically put on top of each other.  I am satisfied to know that the bulk of the ornaments are at the eye-level of my children. I think this will be the first year that, to my children, decorating the tree will have been a fun occasion as opposed to a chore.  At least it will be for me.

Took me long enough to figure it out, though, didn't it?

Jason noticed a lack of ornaments near the top of the tree and offered his services to the children.  He would lift them up on his shoulder and they would place the ornament in the empty spaces.  With each child, save for one, the scenario played out exactly the same.  They were completely panicked when he first lifted them up.  Panic was quickly replaced with absolute joy at getting to put an ornament up so high.

Only one child never had a hesitation of being hoisted up upon Jason's shoulder.  She enjoyed the experience from start to finish.

And yes, Jason, we are hanging every single ornament that we have on the tree!

Now, doesn't the tree look lovely?

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