December 24, 2012

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

For our family, Christmas Eve have become as distinctly traditional as the actual Christmas day.  We have a special meal (usually turkey), served on china with fancy linens, and topped off with a celebratory drink of Martinelli's sparkling cider:

We allow the children to open one gift on Christmas Eve. They know it's new pajamas.  What they didn't expect was a new fleece blanket, too:

Just before bed, we light the candles on a cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  We then relight the candles multiple times so each child can have their own turn at blowing them out:

I do try to take a picture of everyone in their new pajamas before putting them in bed to dream of sugar plums, but Ella wanted no part of it.  As you can see, Garrett really didn't either:

"Alrighty, then.  It's off to bed with you!"

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