November 20, 2012

Country Report

Japan was the country of choice for Spencer's second-grade report.  He chose the same country Brevin did two years earlier, so putting together a presentation was a cinch.  We just updated the facts and added additional pictures of Spencer's choice to the Power Point presentation.  Jason gathered souvenirs from his mission, and he and I brought Ella and Garrett to the school to watch Spencer do his presentation. We also came to hand out samples of Japanese candies and snacks to the children in the class.

I really have enjoyed helping with the country reports.  Of all this projects we have assisted with over the years, this one is still one of my favorites.

 Each student received a paper doll to decorate in 
cultural costume to be displayed on a large world map.

 After the presentation, students were given
 a chance to ask Spencer questions.

  He then showed his classmates all the souvenirs.

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