November 10, 2012

Snow's Grand Entrance

Technically it is fall, but it has felt like spring...until winter decided to make an appearance.  Balmy temperatures of 70 degrees were struck down in a fury of flakes and frost.  It was a significant dumping of heavy, wet snow that not only brought the temperatures down, but damaged lots of trees that were still trying to hang on to their last leaves.

The timing was good, though.  The storm moved in on Friday and persisted through Saturday morning, leaving us a day free from work and school to shovel ourselves out.  We were then able to go play in it.  We invited Parker, a cousin, to come along with us for some sledding and snowboarding at Big Hollow Park.

 All aboard the sledding train!
  Brevin took a couple of runs on the snowboard.
 I'm not sure why or how, but Spencer always 
manages to get the most air when he goes off a jump.

 I'm not sure why or how, but Garrett likes 
to go down the hill with his eyes closed.
 I really love this picture.

I managed to snap this photo while every single person was 
still airborne after going off the make-shift jump. Totally RAD!

Once we sufficiently wore out the children, we headed home for some hot chocolate and dry clothes.  While Ella napped, Jason took the boys to the movies to see Wreck It Ralph and I attempted to complete a few chores that were left undone due to our outdoor activities. 

Saturdays like that are the best.

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