September 14, 2012

It's What Fun Is

Every year, NuSkin kindly treats its employees and their immediate family members to a summer party.  Over the past years we've often found ourselves enjoying an amusement park opened exclusively for our group on a September evening.  We are fed a barbecue meal of hamburgers and hot dogs and then left to enjoy all of the rides that Lagoon has to offer at our own leisure and without the massive crowds.  It is a lovely scenario made only more enjoyable by favorable weather.  We love how well Jason's company takes care of its employees.
Ella was truly able to enjoy all of the rides in Kiddie Land
this year.  She made a great ride partner for Garrett.

I'm not sure why, by I always have to snap a picture of the back of my
children's heads as they drive away on this ride.  (Jason actually
photographed this one while I was off with the older boys
on more extreme rides.  He knew I would want it.  He was right!)
Garrett was tall enough to meet the height requirements for some of the
larger rides. It turns out he is just as much of a thrill seeker as the
rest of the boys.  He loved The Bat and the tube water slide. 
Spencer loves a good roller coaster, but he enjoys a simple ride from
time to time, too. (I loved that I was walking at the back of the pack
 when he grabbed a hold of Garrett's hand and walked along swinging his
arm.  It made for a great candid shot.)

Yep, me and my kids are kind-of "adrenaline junkies"
(Brevin and I are on the right side).

An evening train ride around the park with my fun little
family is a perfect way to spend my time.
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