September 4, 2012

Joy School

Three other mothers and I have decided to collaborate together and provide a preschool experience for our children.  We take turns teaching each week, and we meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours in the afternoon.  It works perfectly for me because it is during the time when Ella takes a nap so she is out of the way when it's my turn to teach, and on the days I send Garrett to another home, I have a moment of complete quiet in my house.

While it was unknown how Garrett would respond to a structured learning experience, I am relieved to report that he has done remarkably well.  He enjoys the company of the children and looks forward to participating in activities.  I can still observe him during my teaching times, and that has given me great insight as to what I can help reinforce on a daily basis with him.  I am so completely pleased with the whole arrangement.  It's a bonus that the children really "click" together, too!

This post authored by Amber.

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