September 21, 2012

Brevin's Dinosaur Exhibit

Fourth grade has proven to be the year of the at-home-project.  There is some sort of fun assignment every month and, on occasion, sometimes two.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to have hands on experience as I have worked with Brevin to complete book report projects and science displays.

For his Dinosaur Museum, Brevin chose to do a relief salt map.  (Okay, I strongly encouraged him to do the salt map because I had fond memories of making those with my mother.)   Once all of the projects were brought to school, the gym was turned into a make-shift museum for parents to come and view all of the different displays.  It was very enjoyable, and Garrett loved the hands-on dinosaur bone displays. 

When it was all done, I was relieved to find that Brevin was satisfied with keeping a picture of his project as opposed to the actual thing.  Unlike the salt maps that I made in grade school that sat on tops of bookshelves acting as permanent dust collectors for many years, Brevin was totally okay with storing his in the garbage receptacle.  And I was totally okay with that.

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