October 22, 2011

Summer Party (Albeit in September)

NuSkin treats its employees and their families to a summer party each year.  Although they've experimented with a few different locations now and again, they seem to always figure out that it's best to go with what works--Lagoon. It is so nice because the company rents out the entire park so there are limited amounts of visitors and you can practically get onto any ride without waiting in line.  The boys could ride on roller coasters to their hearts delight, while Ella enjoyed the view from her baby sling.  It was a perfect night (save for the horrible traffic on the way home).

I thought it funny when the boys each hopped into a car
 that matched the shirts they were wearing.

Before the ride, Garrett was thrilled to go on a ride that everyone else loves.

He didn't appear to enjoy this ride, however.

This post authored by Amber


Karen said...

dino drop is my boys' favorite ride. We spend all our time at Lagoon on this particular ride. It gets a little old for me, but they never quit!

Joy said...

NICE party! I've only been to Lagoon once, when i was little (unbelievable, i know). Chase has heard friends talking about it & has begged us to take him. looks like a blast!