October 22, 2011

Spencer's Soccer Season

Spencer played his second year of U-8 soccer this fall, and he was so entertaining to watch.  He scored a goal during his very first game and he constantly pressured the goal keepers when he played in the forward position throughout the entire season.  Most impressive, though, was witnessing the development of his game over the course of the month.   He improved in coordination and anticipating the direction of play, and he got good at cutting people off to steal the ball.  He played well in all positions, and was never afraid to volunteer to be goal keeper (although that always made me nervous).  I have to add, the kid has a great drop kick. Yep, he's a natural!

To fully enjoy this next picture, one must enlarge it to get a good look at the different facial expressions of each boy.  What's with the tongues?

And just like every other sport season, this one seemed to pass in a blink of an eye, too.  We could not have asked for better weather, though.  Besides the downpour of rain for the very first game, we attended all other games in short sleeves and shorts.  It was lovely!

Thank you, Spencer, for showing us such a good time!

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Joy said...

Good job, Spencer! SO hardcore. How can you be so old already?? I think that teacher you had back in Sunbeams made a lasting impact on you; hence all this greatness! ;) haha