October 2, 2011

Be On Your Way Now, Boys!

I blinked my eyes and the summer of 2011 was gone.  It just quickly vanished!  Perhaps for me, though, it was gone not a moment too soon. 

We have a yearly tradition of having a special "Back-to-School Feast" where I put a little extra time into making a nice meal to serve on nice dishes and we drink from fancy cups and have a wonderful, thoughtful conversation about our selected theme for the coming year, and all is perfect and ready to glowingly display on my blog with accompanying professional-quality photographs taken by yours truly.  This year didn't quite go as I would have liked.  The boys were in a stinker-ish mood, and once we sat down to the table, I only got around to discussing the theme ("Small and Simple Things"  Alma 37:6) after Jason and I had dished out a heavy punishment of loss of media privileges for two weeks. The privileges were lost one week at a time, if that says anything about how our day was going!

Luckily for Brevin and Spencer, this all occured the Sunday before school started, so they'd have something to do to occupy their time and fill the entertainment void that was just created in consequence of their behavior.

The day Brevin and Spencer went back to school, they were pleasant and eager to settle into a new school year with teachers they were greatly anticipating on having.  I was greatly anticipating a return to schedule and routine, the structure that was missing from our lazy summer days.  I even imagined I might get more of something done during the day, but then I blinked my eyes and the first day of school was gone, too!

Spencer's teacher this year is Mrs. Chatterley.  He was excited
because that is who Brevin had in first grade.

 Brevin's teacher this year is Mrs. Larsen.  He was excited
because she has a pet snake.  Go figure!

I'm just glad the boys still let Jason and I follow them into class on their first day to take pictures and wish them well.

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Joy said...

Spencer's Angry Birds shirt is awesome! And the back to school meal looks divine.