October 27, 2011

Mount Nebo Loop

SHAME ON US!  We have lived so close to the access of Payson canyon for nearly thirteen years and we've never made the drive through the Nebo Loop before now.  Honestly, I am sad to think of what we've been missing all this time. 

Usually our family heads north to Provo canyon in the fall to take pictures in a lovely little spot just beyond the Sundance ski resort.  This year, Jason was gone to Singapore during the time that I thought was peak for the most vibrant fall colors.  We kept putting off the annual drive through the canyon because of busy schedules or uncooperative weather.  Finally, on a balmy and quiet Sunday afternoon in mid-October, we thought we'd take a look at what the southern location had to offer.  I also wanted a chance to try out a family-friendly hike that I've heard about called The Grotto.

I was not sure what to expect of the fall foliage.  I really had thought the colors would have died down by this time, but was I ever wrong!  The canyon was ablaze with eye-popping reds and oranges in stark contrast to the bold evergreens.  We were most captivated, however, by the florescent yellow of the quaking aspens of the higher elevations.

Oh, and the hike!  The hike was so fabulous.  The boys loved running across the log bridges, and I enjoyed the ease of the well-groomed trails ( I was carrying Ella in the sling, after all).  The destination being a cove-like area with a splattering waterfall was like the "icing on the cake" of a very enjoyable outdoor experience.

The drive was scenic, the traffic was sparse, the road was wider, and there was easy access to pull-offs to scenic overlooks for photo taking.  I think we found a new area for enjoying the fall colors that Utah has to offer, but I won't wait until next season to get back up that way.  I would love to see The Grotto in the spring and summer.

What a memorable Sunday drive (and perhaps a wee bit of an exhausting one)!

This post authored by Amber


Holli Raymond said...

I love the Nebo loop drive. I remember the first time I too it, I was amazed at how beautiful it was there too. It's nice to keep it a secret so that you wont have as much traffic as you do in Provo Canyon. ;) HA.

Joy said...

Now THAT is an outstanding family photo! WOW! good job, everyone. Brevin looks so handsome and grown up in his individual shot! The aspens are perfect. I agree that the Grotto trail is a fun family hike. And that last picture of Garrett with the pretzel stick "fangs" hanging out is awesome!

CJ said...

It was actually a very muted year for colors out here. Still great though! I will let you know when the Grotto trail dries out in the spring. It is one of our very most favorite hike, and only a few minutes from our house!

The Fears said...

gorgeous. compliments to the great family photo. The more members the harder it is too get a decent photo with everyone looking. You guys succeeded!