October 2, 2011

Rise Up

Nothing says "fall is here" quite like the start of a new football season (except, of course, the start of school, but I'll get to that in a moment).  For the past few years, we've commemorated our soon-to-be weekend commitment of hours to observing how the local institution's team (BYU) will perform by going to meet and greet the players, get a few autographs, and snap a few pictures.  This year was no exception, and so here are the goods:

 Brevin holds still for quarterback Jake Heaps to sign his jersey.

 Spencer gets an autograph from wide receiver Ross Apo.

 (I know you are all totally impressed that I knew who these people were as well as their
respective positions, but don't be.  I totally had to look up the team roster online.
Jason wasn't here to ask.)

 I guess to the boys an intimidating football face is one with your eyes shut tight.

Garrett, Ella, and I stayed home from the event this year, but we still "get up" for some of the games some of the time.  We'll even slap on our BYU paraphernalia each Friday to show our support for the team.  After all, it is football season, you know.

Now, Isn't that just the cutest receiver you've ever seen!

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