December 2, 2009

Sports Outings with Dad

Jason had two tickets to the BYU vs. Air Force football game and decided it was his last chance to take one of the boys. Brevin is now pretty good about following the play action of sporting events, and his attention span would allow him to take in an entire football game.  A promise of a basketball game date with Dad and a trip to Wendy's for a frosty was all that was needed to ease Spencer's disappointment in not being able to go.

Three days later, our family was offered tickets to the BYU basketball season opener.  It turned out to be a boys' night out as I stayed home with Garrett.  This wasn't Spencer's promised date with Dad since Brevin was along on this one, too, but they all had a great time together.  And just like that, Jason has further secured his spot as the favored parent!

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Joy said...

Seems like the dad is often the favored parent! Oh, well. Your boys are getting so big!