December 8, 2009

For Goodness Sake

It's that time of year when Santa is in town and wishes and desires are readily made known to him by giddy children.  To all who may be wondering where the "real Santa" is located, well let me tell you.  He is at the Provo Towne Center.  He's there every year! 

Before we went to see the jolly fellow, Brevin informed me, "I'm going to tell Santa to 'hit me with his best shot!'"  Upon his arrival on Santa's lap, he decided to be more specific and ask for a Zhu-Zhu pet instead.  Santa must have been asked for that item many times already this year, because he knew exactly what Brevin was talking about.

Spencer was poised and ready to request a new game for his Nintendo DS, and once the formalities of gift requests were over, the boys visited with Santa for a while.  They agreed to leave him cupcakes instead of cookies, and when Spencer shouted, "Or maybe muffins!" Santa gave a trademark chuckle of "Ho, ho, ho" that was so natural and understated it reaffirmed that he is the real deal, folks!

We were allowed to take one photograph with our own camera, and it was a bit tricky to get Garrett to look at anything other than straight into Santa's face.  When he did turn his head, I saw my chance to snap the shot.  Unfortunately, Spencer was just as concerned about what Garrett was doing, too, so our photo didn't quite turn out like last year's (which is too bad, because it was an amazing photo).  That's okay.  The moment was still every bit as magical!

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Karen said...

We haven't gone to see Santa yet because every time I ask the boys if they want to, Andrew says: What if I'm too shy to talk to him? And I say: Are you? And he says: I think I'm just too shy for Santa. Let's write him a letter.
By the way, your last year's picture with Santa was amazing! How did you get baby Garrett to smile so preciously?

Joy said...

That photo last year was indeed "picture perfect!" Now this year's photo just reflects how full your hands are with Garrett as a very active toddler! We haven't gone to see that Santa yet, but you're right, he looks like the real thing.

The Helean's said...

That is such a great picture! I think Spencer looking away makes it that much better! :)

Pickle said...

That is an awesome santa!