December 9, 2009

"My Kid Brother Looked Like a Tick About to Pop"

It has been snowing continuously here for the past three days, and it is like Heaven!  Of course, we have to appropriately "christen" the first significant snowfall of the year by taking plenty of photographs to document the occasion.  (Can I just say that Garrett's snow gear really cracks me up!)

At Brevin's request, Jason buried him in the snow while shoveling the driveway:


Spencer was accidentally pushed down by Brevin and was crying and storming off into the house.  When I informed him that I didn't have a picture of him yet, he momentarily obliged by flashing a winning smile before going back to his sobs in the refuge of a warm home:

Garrett just wanted to ride the trike and push the play lawn mower around.  I guess he's got his seasons a bit mixed up:

And while the snow has created the most beautiful scene outside my house, the inside is a wreck with snow clothes, gloves, hats, and soggy boots littering my entryway.  I love it!

This post authored by Amber


Karen said...

Your entry way sounds identical to my entry way. Until last night that is, when I got fed up and went on a major lets organize and tidy snow clothes project.

Mandy said...

Snow . . . I only kind of miss it sometimes.

Joy said...

This post was hilarious. Everything about it made me laugh! So much life at that household! Boy do I wish I enjoyed the snow like you do-- I actually really, really don't like it. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with it and I don't like being cold...?!?

Pickle said...

I'm jealous. Please bring some snow down with you when you come! My kids want to make a snowman so bad. We all loved looking at these pictures of you guys enjoying the snow.