November 19, 2009

18 Months (But Who's Counting?)

The only reason I am even aware that eighteen months have passed since Garrett was first placed in my arms has been due to his scheduled doctor's appointment. Time has seemed all a blur. (Really! We're rounding into the holidays again, already?) Well, maybe that is not entirely true. I was watching the calendar on this one. You know, waiting for the blessed day when a squirmy, over-active boy gains admittance into Nursery, thus changing the climate of Sunday worship for the entire family (and for the better, I would add).

So, for the update:
  • We're finally beginning to make out a few words like dadda, momma, Brevin, Spencer, Addie, shoes on, pumpkin, cookie, and my personal favorite, NOOOOO!
  • Garrett cracks us up with his dainty wave goodbye and when he gives high-fives or an occasional fist bump. 
  • His kisses have now evolved from wide-open mouthed to a more agreeable pucker.
  • He has given up foods of the Gerber variety altogether. He now eats whatever we eat...sort of.
  • Garrett loves to play with the vacuum. We’re talking obsessive, here!
  • He loves to push cars around on furniture while providing the proper mix of sound effects.
  • He already demonstrates his love for all things sweet, sugary, and sticky.
  • He can follow simple, two-sentence commands (like "take the sucker wrapper and put it in the garbage").
  • He has discovered that a chair from the kitchen table can be pushed around, and when climbed upon, opens up a whole new world of innocent mischief and mess-making.
  • He is really great at acclimating to strangers. This attribute comes in really handy as we leave him in the care of a babysitter or wonderful, dutiful Nursery leaders.
Yes, life is good with Garrett!

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Karen said...

Happy 1 1/2 month birthday, Garrett!! For those of us eagerly awaiting this milestone, it comes as a bittersweet experience. You want to keep them little and sweet and your "baby" forever, but darn it, those Sundays are hard enough with the rest of them. The Nursery leaders of the church deserve the most heartfelt thanks and admiration.

Mandy said...

I always love a good spaghetti face picture.

CJ said...

HAHA! Okay, so I read the sweet post first, and then scrolled down to finish, and what appeared to my great surprise and enjoyment was a wonderful spaghetti mouth picture of Garrett. That made my evening even better. Thanks! I hope to get together soon!

The Helean's said...

Oh Man, I just love him.

Joy said...

I love those funny photos! Garrett is an adorable little fireball. Were your other boys as high-energy at this age, or is Garrett "above and beyond?" Well, he's cute, regardless. :)

Pickle said...

I have the exact same pictures of Tyler, he loved to vacuum! I still can't believe what pretty eyes he has, or should I say handsome!