November 2, 2009

We Halloweened

I have to say, I really enjoyed Halloween this year. Because it fell on a Saturday, all the activities were stretched out over the course of the week and I didn't feel rushed or pressured to try and do too much in one day.

We kicked off the celebrating by hosting the annual Park Family Halloween Party in our home on Tuesday night. This was the first opportunity for costume debuts. The boys were superheroes, in all their muscled and sinewy glory. Jason and I sported our homemade concoctions of Asian edible delicacies (well, I don't know if you can consider soy sauce a delicacy, but sashimi sushi fits the bill). Oh, by the way, Jason is sushi.

Wednesday was the scheduled day for Halloween parties at Brevin's school. It was early because Thursday was SEP's, and I guess teachers felt that parents might not take them too seriously if they were wearing silk, leopard-print pajamas with cat features painted on their faces. (That's what Brevin's teacher, Ms. Chatterley, dressed as and it was quite cute!) I had signed up to help with providing a game for the party, so we played the family favorite: Pass the Rat. It's like hot potato, but you pass around a large, plastic rat. When the music stopped, the person holding the rat was eliminated. They were given a consolation prize of a small, stretchy rat as they returned to their desks. The winner received a treat bag with toy prizes. I'm glad Spencer was there to assist with turning the music on and off. After the party, the entire school put on a costume parade for all the parents to see.

Thursday came around, and it was Spencer's turn to have a party at his preschool. See how nice that was! I only had to deal with getting one child dressed in costume each day. Lovely!

Friday found us trick-or-treating on the office floors of Jason's work. We always enjoy it when we run into the CEO's and President of the company. They give out pretty cool treats!

That night we got a babysitter so we could go to an adults only costume party. It was a really fun evening of delicious food, delightful company, and exciting bouts of competition with games like Pictionary and Guesstures. (I will here mention, most humbly, that the team Jason and I were on completely annihilated the competition!)

The actual day of Halloween was spent carving pumpkins and preparing the traditional feast of dinner in a pumpkin. We managed to get away for an hour or so to trick-or-treat at the businesses downtown. That's when Brevin began to complain of being tired. Upon our arrival home, he spiked a fever of 102.9° and had the chills. After dinner and only a few visits to homes close by, he was resigned to let Spencer and Jason go on without him. He stayed with Garrett and I as we handed out every last bag of personal-sized popcorn to eager trick-or-treaters.
Aside from Brevin coming down with a mild case of the flu (he is better, now. It was only a 24-hour thing, so far as we can tell), Halloween was just about perfect this year!

Oh, here is just a sampling of Jason and Brevin's pumpkin handiwork. Jason's is the one on the right, in case you were wondering.To see more, go here.

And if this post was too much writing for your liking, you can go
here for a visual pictorial of all the experiences I just described.

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Heather said...

What a fun week! I was also glad it was spread out over several days! However, after 5 straight days of Halloween-ness. I'm done. Get the spider webs and ghosts out of my house and bring on the holidays!

ps. I'm glad Brevin is doing better..poor little guy looked miserable!

Mandy said...

Love the costumes! If only I could have convinced Seth to be sushi . . .

The Fears said...

Cute costumes. We were glad you guys made it to the party. we all had a good time and everyone loved your cupcakes.

Liz Adams said...

Love the costumes. Your pumpkins are crazy cool! I didn't even take the time to do one this year or the last ten years of my life ;)