August 21, 2009

A Summer Survived

Now that he is in first grade, Brevin will be in school for the full day. I think, in his mind, the most exciting prospect of the new arrangement will be eating school lunch. In fact, upon his return home from school, the first thing he shared was how good the lunch was and that he opened his milk carton on the wrong side and had to force his straw through the paper. (Boy, that brings back memories, doesn't it?)

We took some photos of Brevin before he left for school, and then the whole family went with him to his classroom. All the students were greeted at the front door by a bubble machine (courtesy of the PTA) and were each given a pencil. Of course Mr. Rowe, the principal, was there to welcome the students, and Brevin and Spencer wanted to get a picture with him.

At Brevin's classroom, we said our goodbyes and gave him one last hug before he settled into his desk. He didn't even look back. He was ready. Brevin's teacher this year is Ms. Chatterley and there are twenty-six children in the class. That large of a first grade class should make for an eventful year, to say the least.

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Heather said...

I knew eating lunch at school would be a highlight. That's why we got him the lunch bag for his birthday (just in case there's something he doesn't want to eat at school)!

The Fears said...

Thats funny he liked the lunch part too. Can you believe there are 5 1st grade classes. Crazy. Glad he is liking his teacher too.

Pickle said...

Holy Cow, you've been blogging sister! I've had fun reading all your fun posts. Love the milk memories and started crying thinking that will be Emma next year, gone all day! How are you handleing that? And I'm impresssed and jealous of all the fun stuff you've squeezed into your summer. The fishing pictures are great! Did you filet the fish yourself? I couldn't handle that so again I would be impressed by your vast array of skills and talents. I love that the hike was a reward! That is awesome! And I feel inspried by you doing the feast and theme for the year! And way to go on that cake, again you're amazing. I want lessons!
okay...sorry about the comment overload!