August 21, 2009

For Alma Mater's Sons

No, Jason and I did not meet each other at BYU. We didn't even attend BYU, but we still reserve game days on our fall calendar to be loyal, strong and true, and wear the white and blue. So when the annual Meet the Team night comes around, we don't miss the chance to get free posters and autographs from a few of the people we'll be spending excessive amounts of time watching over the next few months. Besides, the posters happen to match the color scheme of Brevin and Spencer's bedroom, and they constitute a majority of the room's d├ęcor .

Spencer has no idea who this is (nor do I), but he is still on cloud nine.

I think the boys really only care about Cosmo, but it was pretty cool to see Max Hall, too. He even signed Brevin's jersey (his number is 15, after all).

We went to McDonald's afterwards for dinner. That is where the boys wanted to celebrate their last night of the Summer. Go figure!

And boys, I hope you'll understand that there is, in no way whatsoever, any pressure for you to grow up to be a BYU football player. A USU or UVU football player would suffice!

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Heather said...

So fun! I am so exctied for BYU football this year. Don't know why, just love watching it, in the stadium of course...if we are lucky enough to acquire tickets from Craig's dad!!