August 20, 2009

Level Two?

I finally got my act together and signed Brevin and Spencer up for swimming lessons (at the "ghetto pool" of Springville). It was surprising that after an initial assessment, my beginner swimmers were both placed in the group of level two swimmers. And while Brevin was one of the most advanced in the group and Spencer was on the other end of the spectrum, it was so nice to have them together. Firstly, I could watch them both at the same time and not miss a single Superman float or backstroke. Secondly, I loved the little interactions I was fortunate to witness. As they each took their turns, if one would struggle, the other was poised on the wall of the pool, reaching out a hand to pull him in. I was also pleased to see how much improvement was made in the two-week period of time, in spite of swimming in a less than adequate facility.

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