August 20, 2009

If You Teach a Man to Fish

On the final Saturday of Summer break, Jason woke Brevin and Spencer early to take them to Scofield for a morning of fishing with Dad. The original plan had been to go to the Uintas, but a sudden cool front in the weather forecast called for the new locale. After considering how fun it would be to keep Garrett entertained and out of the water while spending hours on a precariously rocky shore, I decided upon staying home with him and cleaning the house. As it was, it was even too difficult to keep Spencer out of the water. Not long after a reminder of, "Be careful not to slip and fall in the water!" from Dad, and he was accidentally falling head first into the murky depths. (Notice his soggy condition in the top photo.)

None of that misfortune could dampen (pun intended) the experience of learning to cast their own line and reel in their own fish. They each caught four. The smaller ones were fortunate enough to be released to swim for another day. The others were brought home and filleted. They made a nice Sunday dinner.

Spencer was holding this fish in his hands and it flipped just as the picture was taken.

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