August 20, 2009

On Our Trail To Fame and Glory

Well, perhaps not fame and glory...but certainly a particular sense of accomplishment. The boys worked together to earn a hike to the "Y" as a reward for good behavior through the month. We knew, from other trips, that they would be capable of the climb, and they scaled the steep switchbacks with perfect ease. Our hard work was duly rewarded with a fantastic view of Utah valley. What a nice way to start a Saturday morning. (Even the BYU grounds crew made it to the "Y" to clean up the defacement of red paint before our arrival, so all was as it should be!)

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CJ said...

We hiked the 'Y' on the 3rd of July. I was shocked by how steep the grade of the actual 'Y' was. Glad to see you guys had a great time! WHen are we going to have another 'Girls Night'? I haven't heard from Marianne as to when they are getting back. Hope to see you soon! I heard that Garrett is walking up a storm in RS. I miss his baby blues!