December 9, 2011

Ta Da! Our Tannenbaum

Normally this bad boy goes up the weekend following Thanksgiving, but for some reason this year it did not make it out of the garage until the calendar had already been turned over to December. 

When I brought up all of the ornaments from downstairs, Jason kept asking, "You're not going to put all those on, are you?"  Well, the thing is like twenty feet tall (9 ft. actually), and since we've got 'em we might as well use 'em.  Besides, the more ornaments on the tree, the more Ella and Garrett can try to knock off over the course of the season.  Maybe it wasn't so bad that the tree didn't make an earlier debut.  As it is, I have hung each ornament at least twenty times and my front room is dusted with assorted red and gold glitters.  Boy, am I glad we swapped out the glass ornaments for the shatterproof!

And now, please enjoy these lovely hold absolutely still and pose as if you're decorating the tree so mom can play with the shutter speed on her camera pictures.

Weren't those photographs nice?  They evoke a feeling of peaceful, hushed reverence for the Christmas season, all warm, soft, and cozy.

Now, please enjoy the actual in the moment, teetering from precarious heights, fighting over the step ladder, and if we survive the process of decorating the tree without major incident it'll be a miracle pictures.

These photos evoke kind of a different feeling, but it's Christmas all the same, and it's fabulous! This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

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Joy said...

Beautiful tree & ornaments! What do you do with the handmade ornaments your kids bring home from school & want you to put on the tree? I love the look of the coordinating ornaments. Great photos. The glowing ones AND the crazy ones. Also, that last one that includes the little nativity scene is awesome! Very artistic & meaningful.