December 13, 2011


This past Saturday, the weather was forecasted to be considerably mild, and so we decided that it was the day to make a trip to Salt Lake City to see the lights on Temple Square. 

We decided to go a bit earlier than usual in attempts to beat the crowds and not feel so rushed to get home to accommodate reasonable bedtimes, so we found ourselves on location even before the lights came on.  It worked out very well this way.  I think some of the better pictures we took were during the twilight hours before it became completely dark and the masses converged on Temple Square.  By that time, we had seen everything we wanted and were ready to grab a bite to eat at the Lion House.

We love this family Christmas tradition, and even more when it goes off so flawlessly.  It was such a lovely evening.  (And I think there were more lights this year than last.  Is that even possible?)

This post authored by Amber


Karen said...

Believe it or not we drove up twice in one week to see the lights at Temple Square. Also a favorite tradition of ours. I see you found my favorite red tree. So lovely!

Bri Olson said...

Great pictures Amber! We have been so busy with my parents getting home we haven't even planned a date to visit Temple have motivated me to get it on the calendar! Thanks!

Joy said...

Beautiful pictures! You captured the lights + temple together so well. And what a cute family. Is the Lion House food yummy? Never been there before!