December 2, 2011

The General State of Things

If you were to stop by my house at any given time, this is probably what you could expect in the way of home décor.   You won't see our Christmas tree--not just yet.  (I'm a little behind my usual holiday decorating schedule this year.)  You will walk into a "mine field" of stuffed toys, Duplo Lego blocks, trains, rattles, and the like.  It will appear as though a toy bomb went off.  I'm a constant "mine sweeper" and the toys go in and out of their designated bins about three or four times a day.  It's a losing battle, I know, and that's why I warn you:  this is what you should expect should you drop in at my home unannounced. 

It's not just Ella who is to blame.  The boys are often the biggest culprits.

They are also a lot harder on the toys than she is.

"Wait a minute!  What's this?"

"Mom's toys are cooler than mine."

You've got that right, little miss!

This post authored by Amber


Mandy said...

So very familiar!

CJ said...

At my house you can add a laundry explosion to the toy mine field. I just can't seem to get to it all. And I am lulled away by the gentle humming allure of the distraction box (i.e. computer).

Joy said...

Haha, amen to this post & also to Cynthia's comment! What a cute little girl that Ella is. She's so grown-up now. And yet I love that photo of her from behind as she's sitting there with the toys, because it shows that she also still looks like a sweet baby.